TEAM - Pilates, Yoga, Excursions, learn informal Spanish & More in The Beautiful Bay of Mazarron.


Your Organiser Frances Brown (Fran) is a UK based business woman who has an apartment in the beautiful Bay of Mazarron. She is so passionate about the area and is excited to be organising these bespoke holidays combining learning Spanish, Pilates and much much more…..

Pilates Teacher:

Frances Brown (Fran) is also your Pilates Teacher

About Fran:

Your Organiser Frances Brown (Fran) has over 37 years’ experience in the fitness industry as a business owner, in private sector management and in all aspects of exercise, fitness, health and wellbeing.

After suffering back problems herself, she discovered the wonderful benefits that Pilates can offer in improving, relieving and preventing back pain. She has also undergone a hip replacement which has greatly increased her knowledge and understanding of post-operative rehabilitation and how Pilates plays such an important part in the recovery process.

She has been teaching fitness for 26 years and Pilates for over 15 years and is also a qualified Clinical Personal Fitness Trainer. She specialises in Pilates, remedial Pilates, post operative and post injury rehabilitation, postural problems, back and joint pain, functional fitness, nutrition and weight management. She now specialises in her own brand of Pilates ‘The Fran Brown Pilates Method’. She also teaches salsa and modern jive and believes that, along with Pilates for correct posture, body movement, core stability and overall strength, ‘Dancing is the most sociable way to keep fit!

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BSYA Dip.CPFT (Clinical Personal Trainer), Milam (Cert) Institute of Leisure Amenity Management, Loughborough University, Future Fit Dip. Sports Psych, Nutrition & Weight Management, AFAA Ex. to Music, AOGB Weight Training, Adv. Step, Boxacise, Junior Aerobics, NCF Coaching Children, Rachel Holmes Fitness Pilates. UKA/LeRoc Professional Dance Teacher.


Yoga Teacher:

Lisa Gibbs:

Lisa has 17 years’ experience in  teaching Yoga. She trained in Ashtanga Yoga in 2000 with a yoga teacher called Kisen.  She also studied with Linda Henderson in Blackheath a Hatha Yoga teacher mixed with Alexander Technique .. and Earnest Coats from Living Yoga .. The class is based on Ashtanga  Flow but not following the Vinyasa series,  A slower pace or even static Breath and Stretch class is also offered  to make sure all students can participate in the class

She has since been in Spain also studies a 200 hour plus many other courses featuring from Ayuveda to Pregnancy and Theraputic with Josefine Selander of Virya Yoga Sweden

She then most recently studied with the America Doug Keller who is famous for his therapeutic Approach to Yoga and his Biomechanics of the Body

Lisa brings an air of inspiration to the class and although trained in Astanga she is able to adapt the class for those who need a more gentle approach whilst still maintaining the synchronisation of breath and movement that has been her forte.

Classes are adapted to each individual so that not one person feels stuck: bringing in new adaptations through her continual study of the yoga practice.

“Classes involve a series of moving and stationary poses, combined with deep breathing. Allowing the heart to open within each person, to move through creating a form (asana) continuing to flow through our connection with breath (Prana), generating an inner peace and balance which opens our path for spiritual growth. Each individual obtains confidence to love and be loved and to shine throughout their daily lives, creating a peace and harmony not just within each of us but in everybody we come in contact with”

Tour Guide and Spanish Teacher:

Antonio Hernandez: 

Antonio is your tour guide for the week’s afternoon local excursions.   With his local knowledge and experience he has designed some excellent trips for your enjoyment. Antonio Hernandez is a local history lover, geographer and historian. He did his studies at Murcia University and Oulu Finland. He belongs to one of the oldest families in the local area.

Well known to the British community in the area because of many activities he organises and designs to help people discover the local history and traditions. He also helps many of the local charities.

Antonio is also your Spanish Teacher for the week.

Massage Therapist:

Carlos Eleno:

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE Carlos  Eleno  is  a  Bioenergetic  Therapist,  born  in  Madrid.  The  fundamental  concept  of the  term  Bioenergy,  part  of  the  basis  of  the  existence  of  a  vital  energy,  that  pervades  all manifestations  of  life;  The  Chinese  call  it  CHI,  the  Indians  PRANA,  the  Japanese  KI  … Carlos  began  his  training  in  Neuromuscular  Integration  Techniques,  based  on  MRP (primary  respiratory  mechanism),  Quiromassage  and  Sports  Massage  in  2008  in Tenerife  and  Madrid,  from  there  he  began  to  work  in  the  field  of  health  and  to  develop his  training  in  different  modalities:  in  Kerala,  India  2010,  studied  Ayurvedic  Massage, kalary  Massage  and  Japanese  Shiatsu.  In  Madrid  2010  and  Chiang  Mai,  Thailand 2016,  studied  Traditional  Thai  Massage.  In  Madrid,  studied  Deep  Tissue  massage, Reflexology,  Auriculotherapy,  Acupuncture  and  Moxibustion  2011. Now  is  doing  a  two  years  course  of  Master  Tung  Acupuncture  in  the  European  School of  Acupuncture  in  Barcelona  2018 The  treatment  carried  out  by  Carlos,  is  a  Therapeutic  work,  focused  to  relieve  and improve  muscular  injuries,  pains  caused  by  physical  or  emotional  tensions  and  to normalize  the  energetic  flows  by  means  of  the  manipulation  of  the  soft  tissues  and  the fascia. It  is  an  individualized,  deep  and  conscious  treatment  that  is  performed  without  pain, using  the  MRP,  a  subtle  movement  (apart  from  the  respiratory  movement),  which animates  and  harmonizes  from  the  cells  and  the  medulla,  to  the  muscular  tissues, organs  internal,  etc…


Beauty Therapist:

Sarah Louise Coyle:

Sarah Louise Coyle is a fully qualified Holistic and Beauty Therapist with over twenty years experience (fifteen in UK and over five years in Spain) of providing a full range of beauty treatments including a wide range of facials, nail treatments and massages.Threading waxing. She only uses quality products when treating her customers in her tranquil garden summer room overlooking the sea. As a Reiki Master she can provide healing and calming sessions to soothe away stress and troubles.

SEE BELOW which treatments Sarah has to offer: